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Bitcoin hashrate NFTs are now available.
Mint now to get early access to the CUDOS Markets ecosystem. Future tokenised real world assets that will be listed include compute renewable energy infrastructure. Picture a digital solar panel in your pocket!

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Have you ever dreamed of mining Bitcoin but were held back by high barriers of entry or environmental concerns? Introducing CUDOS Markets, a platform that allows you to earn Bitcoin sustainably today, without having to worry about setup processes, hardware maintenance or electricity rates.

Participate in the lucky draw! Pay a fixed price and get any of the available NFTs – you have the chance to win mining infrastructure for a fraction of its cost!

Hashrate NFTs are an entry pass to the CUDOS Markets technology, where you will

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Unique Digital Collectibles

Exclusive Genesis Collection drop
Art by Delux3, award winning 1/1 NFT artist

Get Bitcoin rewards for every hashrate NFT
Powered by Blockmole - 100% renewable energy mining facility

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CUDOS Markets Roadmap

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Hold onto your digital hashrate NFTs and enter the upcoming daily games for a chance to win extra hashrate. Your collection is your key to a fun packed future.

CUDOS Rewards

Choose CUDOS as the token you earn rewards in, when available, for an additional boost on your yield, early access to future hashrate collections and exclusive CUDOS Markets merch!

Platform API

Exchanges, wallets and DeFi dApps will soon be able to use CUDOS Markets’ upcoming API to support trades on their own platform.

Referral Program

The referral program will enable you to receive extra hashrate by referring others to become NFT hashrate collectors.