About Us

Communities exist to carry out things that individuals couldn’t achieve by themselves. We work together because it’s the only way to work things out.

About Us

Earn, play
and mine Bitcoin,

About Us

CUDOS Markets is an NFT marketplace brought to you by CUDO, the team behind the sustainable and carbon neutral, CUDOS blockchain and CUDO Compute, the world’s first scalable democratised cloud platform for web3 and web2. With a team that has a wealth of experience in blockchain, distributed marketplaces and sustainable mining, CUDOS Markets is bringing utility to the world of digital collectibles and onboarding the next generation of sustainable BTC miners to the CUDOS blockchain via hashrate collectibles.

As a first-of-its-kind sustainable NFT marketplace, CUDOS Markets brings collectors, NFT buyers, BTC miners, gamers and mining farms together on one frictionless platform.

CUDOS Markets connects you to clean powered mining farms, bringing sustainable hashrate to your wallet, enabling you to earn, play and mine Bitcoin, effortlessly.

Pete Hill

VP of Sales

Andrew Sturmey


Joan Garcia i Tormo


Nuno Pereira

VP of Partnerships

Lee Woodham