Blockmole to unveil First NFT Launch on CUDOS Markets — A New Era for NFTs

We are delighted to announce that Blockmole, a sustainable mining farm, will be the first NFT to launch on CUDOS Markets, marking a new era for NFT’s and Bitcoin mining.

Blockmole’s first Hashrate Collection is designed by renowned artist Delux3. As an established artist in both the mainstream art world and the Solana blockchain ecosystem, Delux3 brings his unique vision and abstract eye to CUDOS Markets’s genesis collection.

Delux3’s signature style, which has been described as “refined street art,” is thoughtfully composed with unexpected colour combinations that have deep tonal layers. With Delux3’s clear vision and abstract eye, this collection is set to be an exciting addition to CUDOS Markets’s marketplace, setting the standard for further collections.

Commenting on the creative process for Blockmoles, Delux3 adds “There’s an intent to make something for everyone, from more dramatic colorful elements to traditional abstract art, to dark and mysterious with hidden messages. Creating the collection utilized every tool in my toolbox.”

Each Hashrate Collectible has been designed to scale at high resolution to over 2 metres, making them perfect for displaying on your phone, computer, or in your home as a phygital art piece. Delux3 shares that “These Blockmole pieces needed to look good on a large digital frame hanging on the wall, as well as at a smaller size on a phone.”

A Sustainable Vision

We believe that the future of the digital world lies in user-friendly and sustainable solutions. The Cudos ecosystem is set up to support cost-efficient ways of monetising underutilised computing hardware while furthering sustainability and social impact initiatives. Our new sustainable marketplace — CUDOS Markets, represents a major step in this direction, and we’re proud to be driving the crypto mining industry towards a more inclusive and sustainable space. This also provides monetisation opportunities that are in line with our vision to create a cleaner, cheaper and more equitable world.

At CUDOS Markets, we pride ourselves on our strict due diligence process, which ensures that new BTC mining farms are financially sound, and environmentally responsible — always reducing risk for buyers. This was key to our partnership with Blockmole, whose green vision for the blockchain, aligns with ours.

Gaming Function

Our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity is reflected in our gaming feature. By allowing users to battle each other for one another’s hashrate, CUDOS Markets provides a rewarding gaming experience that opens up the marketplace for future metaverse function. NFT or CUDOS token holders will be given voting power that will determine which games will be built next, giving them a say in the future direction of the platform.

In line with Cudos’ Cosmos-based multichain philosophy, CUDOS Markets presents an opportunity for chains to unite under the multichain umbrella of the NFT marketplace. We’re excited to see what the future holds for CUDOS Markets and the wider cryptocurrency mining industry, and we hope you’ll join us on this exciting journey.

The Genesis Collection

CUDOS Markets’s genesis collection will provide an exclusive opportunity to access both an exclusive art piece, and tap into the rewards of Bitcoin.

By acquiring a Blockmole NFT, users gain access to their own hashrate from Blockmole’s Bitcoin mining activities and access to their gaming platform where members can battle against each other for hashrate every week. The Blockmole NFTs are powered by 100% renewable energy, making it core to CUDOS Markets’s values of responsible mining.

Crypto mining is an extremely profitable business, with billions of USD of profit made every year. However, this space has huge barriers to entry, making it inaccessible to many. To be profitable, miners need to have access to cutting-edge technology, computers, infrastructure, and power sources — all at the right price.

CUDOS Markets Hashrate Collectibles break down these barriers through a product that makes sustainable crypto mining and its rewards accessible to everyone. By acquiring the genesis collection users receive a share of the Bitcoin rewards from Blockmole’s Bitcoin mining activities and receive a part of blockchain history.

The Genesis Collection is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in the future of Bitcoin mining. Mint today to be a part of this historic event.