We believe in digital collectibles that provide utility beyond the art and we believe in utility that is sustainable for our planet.


CUDOS Markets is the first NFT marketplace of its kind to connect clean energy-powered mining farms with digital collectors. Start building your collection and receive rewards with your new mining hashrate.

Buy, receive rewards, play, and trade, all with CUDOS Markets.

What your collectibles provide
BTC Rewards

CUDOS Markets collections enable access to mining hashrate from clean energy providers around the world. Daily BTC rewards, straight into your wallet.

Exclusive drops

Early access to super-exclusive drops: Collectors will get early access to the latest super-exclusive drops before they hit the marketplace.

Daily games

Daily games to win and battle hashrate: Pit yourself against other collectors to win extra hashrate!

Discount on Merch

Flex proud by grabbing some exclusive merchandise from our store (coming soon)

Community pass

NFT gated community pass: your collectibles grant you access to a gated community. Meet, mingle and enter competitions with fellow users

CUDOS bonuses

Receive rewards and pay in CUDOS coin for additional bonuses and discounts

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Are there any guarantees?
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