Building a captivating universe through a sustainable mining operation that offers Hashrate Collectibles, engaging content, and interactive experiences.


The first ever game where you Battle other Miners for the chance to win extra hashrate.

The bigger your hashrate, the higher your power ranking and chance of winning!

The smaller the hashrate, the more you have to gain by beating the Mega Miners!

Up lift, provides every Miner with the chance to Level Up on a daily basis.
You decide which platform you want to ‘stand on’ with the aim of being uplifted.
The platform chosen by the least number of players at the end of each day is the one that gets uplifted.

CUDOS Markets isn’t just any old NFT marketplace, it’s a fun hang-out zone for Miners, Collectors and Gamers and your collectibles are the key to unlocking all of this juicy utility.

There will be lots of other games to explore and your voting power as an NFT or CUDOS token holder decides which games get built next.

Your Collection

Own incredible moments

A new way to own the game

A skill game which users enter by buying a uniquely generated American Footballer PFP. Owners get a set daily mining income but can uplift it by playing poker.

Miner Quest is a fun way to get the most out of your hashrate! Select your miner and get a share of their daily wage! You can check in daily to see what bonuses your miner gained the previous day and to set his next daily action, it’s not always good news though. Some days he just draws a blank and takes home minimum wage​​Each day you decide what your miner is going to dig for.

Different mines have different outcomes. If you decide not to mine you’ll receive the basic income related to the level of hashrate tied to your NFT.Keep an eye on our community channels for more exciting updates about Miner Quest!

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