A Better Way of Mining

Mining Farms

Democratising BTC miners clean energy hashrate through CUDOS Markets

Mining Farms

Launching a hashrate collection on CUDOS Markets creates a hedge revenue stream for your mining farm and raises money to scale your sustainable mining operation. It’s also a great way to grow your brand and help decentralize the ownership of BTC hashrate.

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Revenue Stream

Create a reliable revenue stream: You set the price per TH and monthly maintenance fee.


Quicker ROI

Quicker hardware ROI than self-mining: Upfront sales means upfront revenue compared to 18-24 month ROI’s when self-mining.



Raise capital without equity dilution of debt: Use the revenues from sales to fund the expansion of your farm.


Brand Awareness

Increase your brands awareness:
Reach a global audience of buyers.



Revenue from secondary sales: You set a commission on what you earn from secondary sales for your NFT’s.

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