Pre-Launch User Guide: Prepping For CUDOS Markets

The world’s first tokenised infrastructure marketplace for the next generation of sustainable Bitcoin miners is launching soon! CUDOS Markets brings clean energy to mining via Hashrate Collectibles, providing users with as-of-yet untapped opportunities. By connecting NFT fans, digital art collectors, Bitcoin miners, casual gamers, and mining farms together on a frictionless platform CUDOS Markets brings utility to the world of digital collectibles- making the fun of mining accessible to all.

In the run up to our launch we wanted to share a step-by-step guide on how to get involved with the whitelist, how to use CUDOS Markets and take advantage of all its features, and answer all your questions with our marketplace FAQ’s.

Prepping for the Mint

The first step in the preparation stages of your CUDOS Markets journey is setting yourself up to prep for the mint. To do this you’ll need a Keplr wallet (you can find a detailed guide on how to set up a Keplr wallet here)

Connect your Keplr wallet to CUDOS Markets and you’re now ready to go!

The mint mechanic will be a lucky button dip, which means participants will pay a fixed price of $300 for the presale and $330 for public sale, for the chance to mint any of their tiered hahsrate collectibles.

Mint your NFT: Once you have paid for your selected Hashrate Collectible, it will be minted as an NFT and transferred to your Keplr wallet. You can view your collection anytime on CUDOS Markets.

BTC rewards: The BTC received from the Hashrate Collectible is directly proportional to the number of new blocks mined. The BTC will be transferred to your non-custodial BTC wallet.


What does Hashrate mean?

Hashrate is the total amount of computational power used to process and verify transactions on blockchains such as Bitcoin.

Why NFTs?

CUDOS Markets uses NFTs as a way to certify the ownership of the underlying hashrate and collectible artwork. It brings liquidity to the mining space by allowing users to buy and sell their Hashrate Collectibles.

How do I buy my digital collectible?

Connect your Keplr wallet, select the collectible you wish to purchase, and pay the amount. Your collectible will be minted as an NFT and transferred to your wallet.

Can I sell my digital collectible?

At the launch of the Genesis Collection you would not be able to sell your collectible, but within the first few months this ability will be opened up, so you can sell your Hashrate Collectible on CUDOS Markets for a 2.5% fee.

What is the reward structure?

The reward structure is directly proportional to the number of new blocks mined, and the BTC accrued is transferred to your BTC wallet.

How do I receive my rewards?

You need to have a non-custodial BTC wallet to receive your rewards. Connect your BTC wallet to your profile after you purchase your Hashrate Collectible.

What are the fees associated with CUDOS Markets?

There is a 2% mining pool fee and a maintenance fee for all electricity costs, labour, and upkeep of the facilities. There is also a 2.5% fee for selling your collectible.

Are there any guarantees?

There is no guarantee of making a profit from your Hashrate Collectible or collection. Each collection page on the CUDOS Markets marketplace includes a calculator tool for you to assess the risk/reward based on the parameters entered.

How does CUDOS Markets stop bad actors?

New BTC mining farms have to pass a strict due diligence process before they can list their collection on CUDOS Markets. Buyers are still advised to do their own research.

We can’t wait for you to join CUDOS Markets and be part of the next generation of sustainable digital collectibles!

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