We’re using technology that brings utility to create a smarter, greener energy future today.


At the core of our principles lies a strong commitment to sustainability, both for you and our planet. We are dedicated to working solely with mining farms that employ clean energy technology to power their facilities. By operating in this manner, Bitcoin’s proof-of-work network can be used as a force for good, enabling the conversion of captured carbon, balancing power grids through the utilisation of excess wind and solar energy, accelerating the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure, and supporting carbon reduction initiatives like methane capture from landfills. Prior to their inclusion, every mining farm must comply with our sustainability policy to ensure their credibility and alignment with our values.

CUDOS Markets runs on the Carbon neutral CUDOS blockchain.

Clean energy includes

Renewable energy

Solar, Wind, Hydro, Geothermal, Gravity drop technology

Carbon captured energy

Capturing polluting gases such as methane and converting to electricity

Dinosaur juice powered
farms need not apply!

Our Genesis collection from Blockmole is 100% powered by hydro. Hydropower uses the movement of water through turbines to create electricity. It is a 100% renewable and provides a low cost, low carbon source of green energy, ideal for operating mining farms in remote areas, often near mountains, where rivers are dammed to capture mother nature’s awesome force of H2O!

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